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<title>Mirage - "Tijuana Demos"</title>



<h1><i>Mirage - "Tijuana Demos"</i></h1>


<img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Ca6vKrEubQbc7L5J8o5JGOLp3d27YBu5bntN8Cb9zsgndsLOtakQ0rSQ2OYwWmG5RxKNp978320GW9oLHl5-AS__rYjFA3aSx7Nzp25WeOqhFfjc4tlilmlpJTCJc4z0RzEcc-XsZQ=w2400" style="width:350px;height:350px;">



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<b>Calle Chapo Márquez, Colonia Federal, Tijuana</b>

Our street hugs up on the border fence. All barbwire and human/drug detection gadgetry.

There's a guy who guards the corner in an office chair day in, day out. Claims to be a

narco plant but is friendlier than your average Tijuana block P.D.


                           (A real feat given the constant electronic noise in the air:

                               chirps and alarms and radio chatter, not to mention the

                               mosquitos and confused gringos (note: alt name idea for

                                                     neighborhood, "Little Amazonia"))

We certainly haven't helped; our music-making hours straddle the p.m. - a.m. divide.

This never stopped him from reminiscing aloud to us about "el tiempo de los coyotes"-

c.a. late 80's-90's- when buildings on the street were under cartel control and harbored

soon-to-be immigrants and smugglers before their slow, catastrophic crawl into the

Other Side.

He says the street sits on ground permeated with narrow tunnels- dozens of them-

and the whole thing is due to become a canyon at any moment.

And so this collection of songs is, in some way, a talisman against earthquakes and a

prayer for all fellow termite ppl of the world, clinging to the comforts of nighttime,

living for la paz y luz al fin del túnel.


      <b>Mirage - "Tijuana Demos"</b>

      Runtime: 30 mins</br>



             src="Mirage TJ Demos SVHS(NO LIMITER).wav">




      Olha, Que Linda

      Os Bons


      Ain't No Stopping Us Now



      Natalya [sic]</b>


Constructed and shared w love and care. Hope it comes across.



Contact for inquiries and more music.

All words and music written and recorded

by Ángeles/Azcaiturrieta in Tijuana, B.C. 2017-2019

Art and Web Design by Ian Collins